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The Fifth Season by Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens

mercredi 11 juillet 2012, par Mary-Ann Scot

In the month of January 2012 Mary Ann was contacted by Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens to compose a song for the film The Fifth Season. Mary Ann worked together with Guy Rens to create music that would blend in with the film. It was the start of a new experience.
The final version will be on the films sound track. The film will be available in cinemas around the end of August 2012.
We are all looking forward to viewing the film.
You will soon have the opertunity to see the trailer........

Venise s’offre une cinquième saison… belge !

JPEG - 76.5 ko

// 26-07-2012

La Cinquième Saison, le troisième long métrage de Peter Brosens et Jessica Woodworth, est invité en Compétition officielle au 69eFestival international du film de Venise (du 29 août au 8 septembre).

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