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Meet the band

vendredi 4 mai 2012, par Mary-Ann Scot

Stama Lead Guitar


Born in 1966 of Greek origin, Stama has his first experience with music at the age of 12 when he receives his first guitar. He is an autodidact and it’s only some years later that he studied classical guitar. Stama plays in rock bands, blues, variety, and studio sessions. In 1993 he played in Adamo’s band on his French tour.
He came into the country scene playing with Mr Buffalo C.Wayne, a good friend of Mary Ann. In the beginning of 2006, Mary Ann asked if he would like to join the Scot Country Band and Stama accepted.
It’s here he intends to stay, no question of letting anyone else take his place..

Guy Keyboards


A very talented pianist Guy has played with numerous artists like Demis Roussos. He loves playing ragtime, jazz, variety, pop, blues, and of course country. Guy also plays with Buffalo C Wayne. Mr Piano Man also gives lessons to many young students sharing his passion for music. Guy has accompanied Mary Ann at numerous concerts so it was no surprise when asked if he would like to join the band, his reply was “I’ve already one foot in the door, yes of course”.

Greatly appreciated by all the group for great keyboard playing and his sense of humour.

Fred Vocals and Bass Guitar


Started out in 1962 as a rock and roll guitarist with the Jay Five followed by the well known Belgian group The Night Rockers, Fred travelled around Europe from clubs to festivals all over Germany. France, Holland, and Luxembourg. played at the famous French « Olympia » and « Golf Drouot » at the Locomotive and Star Clubs Hambourg, also Cologne, Gelsenkirchen. Shared the stage with Eddy Mitchel, Johnny Haliday, PJ Proby. After his Military service Fred played in many Bands mostly pop and varity. Since 1997 is with Mary Ann Scot. His deep warm voice harmonises perfectly with Mary Ann. Fred also sings songs by Bob Seger, Eddy Cochran, Tony Joe White.

Jean Drums


Started his career as a professional drummer in 1962 with Burt Blanca a popular rock and roll singer in the swinging sixties. Jean travelled with Burt to Germany, and France where he played at the famous Golf Drouot, the Olympia, and the Locomotive, he toured with Gene Vincent and shared the stage with Johnny Halliday, Eddy Mitchell, Claude François, Dick Rivers, Vince Taylor, The Kinks, supporting group of Chuck Berry, The Animals, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley and his Comets, and mainly more...He has never stopped exploring different types of music, rockabilly, boogie-woogie and of course country, Jean has been with Mary Ann since 2002
Jean : Drums and backing Vocals


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