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Mary Ann

mercredi 22 août 2012, par Mary-Ann Scot

Mary Ann Lead Vocals
Born and brought up in Scotland Mary-Ann’s first experience with music was in the local church. On Sunday she would go and sing her favourite Hymns. On special occasions she would be asked to sing solo, at Easter or Christmas.
At the age of 18 Mary-Ann decided she wanted to travel and learn other languages and decides to go and visit Belgium for a short time (30 years ago) to learn French and Dutch. This is where she started singing in different groups, singing Pop/Jazz/Rock/ etc.
Mary Ann has always been a great fan of such great artists as Lynn Anderson, Patsy Cline, Faith Hill, Patti Loveless, widening her knowledge from classics to country rock, country blues, The Judds, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Bonnie Raitt, playing in festivals all over Europe.

We are sure you will appreciate her warm sensual voice, and equally warm character.

Music is her passion, she loves entertaining, gets her kicks from seeing people enjoy themselves.

“Music is a universal language brings joy to the soul”


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